How To Team Up With Influencers To Create Unique Blog Posts

Influencer marketing! It’s the new buzzword that everyone’s talking about in the world of marketing.

Well, it’s not exactly a new strategy. But, lately, marketers have found quite an amazing success with influencer marketing.

According to a survey by Collective Bias which involved over 14,000 US citizens, more than 30% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when it’s endorsed by an influencer.

As a content marketer, I found this strategy quite fascinating and when I launched my blog Freelancing Hacks, I wanted to tap into influencer marketing to see how powerful it is and also to test it out for myself.

It turned out surprisingly well than I’d hoped. The results were astonishing. And I managed to get a lot of attention for my blog for free as well. Before I get to that part, let’s learn a little bit about what influencer marketing can do for your business.

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How Many Articles Do You Need To Launch A Business Blog?

A quality business blog is a must-have for every small business content marketing strategy.

However, hiring writers and getting quality content developed for your blog is a process that takes a huge chunk off your marketing budget.

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant to invest in your blog and look for ways to save money. That’s why most small business owners often think about this question before starting a blog: How many articles should I have before launching my business blog?

If you ask this question from a blogger, she’ll give you a vague answer. Because it usually depends on the type of business you have.

Although, I managed to figure out the perfect number of articles you need to launch a new blog. Keep reading to find out the magic number and more tips on how to get quality content for your blog without having to spend any money.

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